From the 5th Republic to Banana Republic Thanks to the socialists.

Posted by on July 13, 2012

In views of the recent laws passed by a certain Flamby in France since he became their president, lots of “stars” (whatever that is) (and even the socialists one like Emmanuelle Beart) are moving to Belgium, Switzerland, Spain in order to avoid paying the 75% tax imposed on the wealthy by the new government.  While looking for the article in English version in order to present it to the readers I found this one which in fact is a lot more interesting.  Although the article is dated from 1998, he is becoming even more relevant today when a company like PSA (Peugeot Citroen) terminating 8000 jobs.

The author Richard C Morais works for Forbes Magazine and many people including me in 1998 would and will say it prolly biased.  Today my answer to that is “Hardly”.  Please read why the socialists have destroyed one country and are going for the rest of the world here.

NEW YORK – LESLIE CARON, the great French actress, owns the stylish but relaxed La Lucarne aux Chouettes restaurant in Burgundy. In this 17th-century inn diners are treated to rabbit pt and pan-fried perch, wild flowers and peasant earthenware. Charming — but a terrible place to do business. “It’s a witch-hunt that’s going on,” says Caron. “The owner of a business is a villain to be punished at all costs.”

Caron describes her problems: French law stipulates that the kitchen staff in her size restaurant can work only 43 hours a week. But the restaurant business is about long hours, so Caron has to pay overtime up to 150% of the basic wage, plus often giving the employee paid compensatory time off. That’s not too far from the situation in a unionized New York restaurant.

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