Panga filet “au Boursin”, Filet de Panga au Boursin.

Posted by on September 13, 2014

The thing about living alone is that cooking becomes quickly a chore.  When you cook for others, chance are you will tempted to prepare something that will be either nasty so they will not come back or something scrumptious if you do.  However when you’re alone you actually don’t care about what your next meal will be.  Not entirely true but almost.  Personally when I make a Bolognaise sauce, I will make half gallon of it and freeze it in small containers, so I don’t have to fuss when I’m busy or feeling lazy.  Same goes with chili, soups and all sorts of things.  When I make meatballs I make them generic, no particular spices except of onions and garlic salt and pepper so I can serve them according to my wish of the day: with spaghetti in marinara sauce the Italian way, or in brown sauce with mash potatoes the Swedish way.


But every one in a while, I want something different.  Not being a great beef eater (not the Gin), I enjoy poultry eggs rabbit and of course fish.  In Piennes it’s difficult to find fresh fish except on Thursdays and Fridays, Friday being a fish day in Catholic country (Catholic but I don’t know for a long, since the trend is switching to an other religion of piece … yes I wrote piece three dots  not peace).  Anyhow, fish here not being always very fresh, I often buy it frozen.  So Friday I looked in the freezer and I found a bag of Panga filet.  Don’t ask what is Panga, google can help you.panga au boursin raw


I was kind of tired of making it meuniere or piccata or even like snietzel (breaded and pan fried) with light lemon sauce.  I didn’t know what I really wanted until looking in the fridge I found I half full (I’m an optimist hiding his pessimism) of Boursin cheese.  Well it wasn’t really Boursin, just the generic kind which is half price of a brand name and just as good.  I had an idea, why not try to bake it with boursin which I did.  I took a pie pan lightly oiled the bottom, place my fish, salt and pepper it, then spread a healthy amount of cheese on top of it just like you would do it on a slice of bread.  But somehow it just didn’t look right to me.


Bread is not something that appears regularly on my diet.  So I often have a piece that is so dried up I can’t use it for anything but breadcrumbs, so I always have some breadcrumbs in an old tupperware, souvenir of mother folly.  I sprinkled a line of breadcrumbs on my cheese then added a sprinkle of lemon juice.  I bake it for 8 minutes in preheated oven a 425 degrees.  I made some rizotto a while before, this with a side of salad.  Nummnumm.  Trust me, it was a success and I patted myself on the back.panga au boursin 010

Image courtesy of Paracelse | République No.6

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