The Celtic Challenge, le defi Celte

Celts presents us with an incredible challenge. They left very little traces to study, we have approximation of their travels, approximation about periods, and some myths that have come to the XXI th century with all the fallacies related to poor translation and religious zealous alterations. Indeed I do not think a Gwydion or a … Continue reading »

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The Celts known and unknown, Les Celtes ces gens connus et inconnus.

To make an expose about the Celts is not an easy task. All tribes were ethnically of the same origin albeit very little known of the said origin.   They were tribal in Western Europe but were they originally?  Their Westward migration did spread over several centuries which begs the question: Were the Celts arriving in France … Continue reading »

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Did Hitler died in Berlin? Est-ce qu’Hitler est mort a Berlin?

What do most historians and conspiracy theorist alike have in common? They look at making a quick buck without to much work. We all know the traditional history. When the Russian army arrived in Berlin regardless of tanks and other artillery, combats were street by streets block by block house by house. All consideration taken … Continue reading »

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Grossedeutchland und Mitteleuropa um das Jahr 1950 migrants 4e 4th Reich

So Angela Merkel did it again, while he population of Europe is getting fed up with the invasion of migrants allegedly from war ravaged country she welcome them with open wallets… not hers, the European taxpayers (Here). Many European leaders mostly from the East warn those of the West about the dangers of letting in islamic … Continue reading »

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Could France be protected? La France serait-elle protegee?

For some odd reasons I often hear journalists saying “in the hexagon today” meaning in France today. I looked at map and didn’t see any hexagon but rather a roughly shaped “pentagon”.  Pentagon is on of the oldest geometric form found in most advanced culture and even in some less advanced one like in Neanderthal … Continue reading »

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Poland MS Batory memorabilia for sale, Pologne MS Batory souvenir a vendre

As I mentioned in other posts my family members were hoarders, and if some of the stuff they accumulated went straight to the dump few others findings were treasures. Few month ago I found a plastic bag in a stash inside mother’s closet. When I open it, wrapped up in saran wrap I found some … Continue reading »

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Templar beginning Mary Magdalene, les debuts Templiers Marie Madeleine.

Like most catholic kids the first time I’ve heard of Mary Magdalena was in catechism, I mean the Mary Magdalene of the New Testament, not the amazingly cute daughter of one of Dad’s best friend who was given that name at birth. I did not really know why she had an deep impact on me. … Continue reading »

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Nazism and Islam, Nazisme et Islam

Recently several events shook Europe.  It started with street protests in Germany to stop islamisation of Germany then counter protests.  The shooting at Charlie Hebdo, followed  by the shooting of a French cop in Montrouge, an hostage situation that ended with four deads the next day just added some fuel on an already hot fire.

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Templar beginning and Hildegard of Bingen, Les debuts Templiers et Hildegard de Bingen.

What possible link could exist between a Saint nun of Germany born three years after the fall of Jerusalem into Christian hands and Templar knights? The first who made that link were Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince in their book Templar Revelation already cited. Unfortunately, those authors didn’t dig far enough otherwise this could have … Continue reading »

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The Templar curse La Rochelle, la maledicition des Templiers.

La Rochelle is a very interesting city on many point. Although known in Gaelic times than later under Roman control, she did not become important until it became a “commune”, a franchised town with its own mayor, city council and other city notables (read bourgeois) to run the city. The name of the first mayor … Continue reading »

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