Central heating, water would not heat, chauffage central, pas d’eau chaude.

When you own an older house, you either need two things: One) lots of money to get someone to fix everything that could go wrong or two) being able to fix things yourself. I don’t have lots of money so I had to learn to fix things. In the olden days repairing various parts of … Continue reading »

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The global warming hoax, le canular du rechauffement climatique

I was never a big fan of new trends, except for the hippy movement to which I adhered to quickly. Perhaps it was more out of rebellion to the establishment. I never liked rules. And in the famous words of Abigail Sciuto (NCIS): Dr Mallard: Abby, I’m surprised. I had you pegged for more the … Continue reading »

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France, guns from front page to forbidden, armes des premieres pages a la disparition.

Growing up in a small town where two world wars had taken place, not to mention the war of 1870 where Germany overrun Lorraine, guns were part of our everyday life, although kids didn’t have any, which is a good thing. If most mine workers didn’t have any guns either, it wasn’t because it was … Continue reading »

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Could France be protected? La France serait-elle protegee?

For some odd reasons I often hear journalists saying “in the hexagon today” meaning in France today. I looked at map and didn’t see any hexagon but rather a roughly shaped “pentagon”.  Pentagon is on of the oldest geometric form found in most advanced culture and even in some less advanced one like in Neanderthal … Continue reading »

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France Idiocracy burning of a church in Saint Martin le Beau, une eglise brulee a

Recently a massive attack on French religion can be observed though out the country. If the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in Alsace brought heavy fire from the French media and French government, those happening in Christian sector are pretty much left out, earning a statement from the secretary of the interieur only because it … Continue reading »

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Poland MS Batory memorabilia for sale, Pologne MS Batory souvenir a vendre

As I mentioned in other posts my family members were hoarders, and if some of the stuff they accumulated went straight to the dump few others findings were treasures. Few month ago I found a plastic bag in a stash inside mother’s closet. When I open it, wrapped up in saran wrap I found some … Continue reading »

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France idiocracy jihadists vs vets, djihadistes contre veterans.

When I got turned down for a disability pension from the French government for an accident that happen in the French Army (back in the days, anybody who was born in the country was drafted regardless of nationality) I got mad but I knew there wasn’t anything I could do to make the machine move and … Continue reading »

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Templar beginning Mary Magdalene, les debuts Templiers Marie Madeleine.

Like most catholic kids the first time I’ve heard of Mary Magdalena was in catechism, I mean the Mary Magdalene of the New Testament, not the amazingly cute daughter of one of Dad’s best friend who was given that name at birth. I did not really know why she had an deep impact on me. … Continue reading »

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Charlie Hebdo, 911, The rise of the fourth Reich, la montee du quatrieme Reich.

                                                                                     Paving the way to dictatorship   When I first read the book by … Continue reading »

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French paradox and immigrants, le paradoxe francais et les immigrants

Recently many mayors in French cities or town saw their offices sued for having “Nativity scenes” in city hall, and were forced to remove them. Actually some brave mayors refused to do so. Technically the courts are right. The law of 1905 clearly indicates a separation of church and state. So yes it make sense, … Continue reading »

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