Drones over Paris danger or hoax Drones au dessus de Paris danger ou canular?

Last night 5 drones have been spotted flying over Paris and foreign news were more determined to write about it than the more adamant French medias. Apparently the police took it very seriously and organised a ten man unit to find out more about it. Yeah I did write 10, not 100 not 1000.. no … Continue reading »

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France idiocracy jihadists vs vets, djihadistes contre veterans.

When I got turned down for a disability pension from the French government for an accident that happen in the French Army (back in the days, anybody who was born in the country was drafted regardless of nationality) I got mad but I knew there wasn’t anything I could do to make the machine move and … Continue reading »

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Illuminati, Freemasons, Elders of Sion and New world order, Illuminati, Francs Macons, les Sages de Sion et le nouvel ordre mondial.

Very often when there are crisis such as the Housing buble the bank crash, the dot com failure or the automobile industry’s inability to make car that a worse something, I hear of read: it’s the Illuminati, it’s the Freemasons and of course it’s the Zionists. At first I would burst out laughing but since … Continue reading »

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Holland Hitler and Moroccan ignorance, Hollande Hitler et l’ignorance marocaine

Yesterday a Moroccan paper published an article portraying the current occupant of Elysee, a certain Hollande, a guy who spend his time on a Vespa chasing chicks with his dick in hand as Hitler. Common, hollande has as much charisma as a picture board and could not rally even his own party. I do not … Continue reading »

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Fox news Paris and socialists, truth hurts la verite fait mal

Proudly marching in the streets of Paris January 11th 2015, the mayor of Paris, an Hispanic socialist wanted to prove “Freedom of Speech” is not a vain word in France.  But with her that same freedom of speech is unidirectional.  When Fox news declared that there were “no go zones” in Paris, it created a … Continue reading »

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France Idiocracy, media advocates crime, media et l’apologie du crime

The killed hostages of the kosher supermarket being hardly buried, Le Parisien, a Paris region printed media already justifies the crime committed by Anedy Coulibaly. Two journalists (if we can really call them that way) Florence Mereo and Gisele Le Guen find some excuses for the crime. For those two, the French Police forces created … Continue reading »

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French paradox and immigrants, le paradoxe francais et les immigrants

Recently many mayors in French cities or town saw their offices sued for having “Nativity scenes” in city hall, and were forced to remove them. Actually some brave mayors refused to do so. Technically the courts are right. The law of 1905 clearly indicates a separation of church and state. So yes it make sense, … Continue reading »

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France most corrupted country in EU, France pays le plus corrompu d’Europe

I am not the one saying it, mind you I did notice all the things that were going wrong in the place.  No Transparency International did the analyses and here it is. more et

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Switzeland when it’s not good to be a native, Suisse quand il n’est pas bon etre un natif

No Apparently even Switzerland has been hit by either Socialism or Chlorovirus. Imagine yourself working as a Mail person in the small town of Moosleerau Switzerland, you rent your home from the city and as Christmas gift, you get an eviction noticed, so some refugees can move him. The town receives a tax exemption of … Continue reading »

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Muslims claim America’s discovery. Musulmans: pretendre decouvrir les Ameriques

To begin with, you cannot discover a place that was always there and occupied in the first place. I even said that to anyone claiming Columbus discovered the land. more et

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