Old French cars: Peugeot Vieilles voitures francaises: Peugeot

Lots of French people consider driving an old car demeaning, but got to say so do lots of Americans.  I love antique and vintage cars, they have more … character.  This vintage 202 Peugeot was built sometimes in the was in the 30’s then their construction was stopped during the war, 20 models were made … Continue reading »

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Fight Club French version (for American public only)

Why keep things simple when you can complicate the hell out of everything.  Although the video is in French pictures are worth a thousand words.  The author of the script has captured real well the spirit of French people in all things!

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US, France others strike pact against tax evasion, La France et les États-Unis s’accordent pour lutter contre l’évasion fiscale

WASHINGTON — The United States and five European countries announced Thursday an agreement to fight offshore tax evasion through automatic information exchanges. “This in an important step forward in establishing a common approach to combat tax evasion based on automatic exchange of information,” the US, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain said in a joint … Continue reading »

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Peugeot Citroen workers promess a battle to keep their jobs .. In the Fall, les ouvriers de PSA promettent une bataille … a l’Automne

To that end, the Rennes union is calling on the SIA, FO, CFE, CFTC and UNSA labour bodies to demonstrate on 15 September in order to “unite forces to defend jobs…to show that together we will fight for employment and will defend the competence and know-how of the sector’s employees.” more here You wouldn’t want … Continue reading »

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The Treasure of Louis the XVIth, Le tresor de Louis XVI

While most people chase treasure like the one allegedly found by Beranger Sauniere  or follow the trail left by Roger Lhomoy in Gisors searching an alleged Templar treasure in Gisors (The authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail have real good part about the Templar treasure in Gisors and you can find it here) but there … Continue reading »

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A tiny man in words and action un petit homme en mots et en action

French president Francois Hollande is facing ridicule from some of his citizens for looking small in pictures from his first official visit to the United Kingdom. Hollande inspected the Guard of Honor from the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards on Wednesday during a visit to London. Hollande, at 5’7”, was photographed alongside a formation … Continue reading »

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From the 5th Republic to Banana Republic Thanks to the socialists.

In views of the recent laws passed by a certain Flamby in France since he became their president, lots of “stars” (whatever that is) (and even the socialists one like Emmanuelle Beart) are moving to Belgium, Switzerland, Spain in order to avoid paying the 75% tax imposed on the wealthy by the new government.  While … Continue reading »

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PSA Group closing plant Are Union responsible? PSA ferme Aulnay. La CGT serait-elle responsable?

Workers face ‘disaster’ at doomed Paris Peugeot plant Later this month French car giant PSA Peugeot Citroen is expected to announce the closure of its historic Paris plant at Aulnay-sous-Bois, spelling deep trouble for the 3,300 strong workforce and the already disadvantaged surrounding region. What the article doesn’t mention is that this particular plant is … Continue reading »

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Finland refuse to pay for others, Finlande refuse de payer pour les autres

The Independent reports Finland warns of euro exit rather than pay debts of others FINLAND would consider leaving the eurozone rather than paying the debts of other countries in the currency bloc, Finnish Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen has said. In a newspaper interview today she said she’d consider crashing her AAA-rated country out of the … Continue reading »

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We the living, Nous les vivants.

Of course there is always someone to ask why such a hatred for Communists and Socialists?  Well it would be the same as asking Jewish folks why the hate Nazis.  Fact is I hate both ideologies just as much.  Have you ever read We the Living by Ayn Rand? (see here and here).  Of Course … Continue reading »

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