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Born in France from a American GI father of Polish ancestry I'm what one might call a genuine Heinz 57. In 1978 I moved to US got married got divorced and went back to France after 32 years (more or less in the US. Coming back to France was a cultural shock which I would like to share with you readers. I will try to have all texts in English and in France for those Frenchies who would like to know what I think of France now. Né en France d'un père qui fut un GI d'origine polonaise (pour savoir ce qu'est un GI chercher sur Google je ne vais pas vous mâcher tout le travail quand même) je suis ce que l'on pourrait appeler un mélange (Heinz 57 est une sauce pleine de différent mélanges d'ou l'usage du mot pour décrire un mixe). En 1978 je suis allé aux USA, je me suis marié puis divorcé, puis je suis revenu en France après plus ou moins 32 ans éloigné. Revenir en France fut un choc culturel que j'aimerai partager avec vous lecteurs. Je vais essayer d'avoir tous les textes traduits juste au cas ou quelques Frenchies seraient intéresses par ce que je pense de la France.

The Celts and Menhirs, Les Celtes et les Menhirs.

in 18th and 19th century Historians have linked those free standing stone called “Menhir” to the Celts. 19th century also has seen the rise of nationalism in the entire Europe and in France in particular, the Celts became the original people of the land according to historians and politicians alike. They organized the rise of … Continue reading »

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The Celtic Challenge, le defi Celte

Celts presents us with an incredible challenge. They left very little traces to study, we have approximation of their travels, approximation about periods, and some myths that have come to the XXI th century with all the fallacies related to poor translation and religious zealous alterations. Indeed I do not think a Gwydion or a … Continue reading »

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The Celts known and unknown, Les Celtes ces gens connus et inconnus.

To make an expose about the Celts is not an easy task. All tribes were ethnically of the same origin albeit very little known of the said origin.   They were tribal in Western Europe but were they originally?  Their Westward migration did spread over several centuries which begs the question: Were the Celts arriving in France … Continue reading »

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The Templars and the Druids, Les Templiers et les Druids

Growing up, we often discover ourselves some hobbies  who vanish as we grow 0lder however sometimes they resurface later in life. This was the case for me anyway. The first book have read about Templars was by Louis Charpentier (previously cited):”Les Mysteres Templiers (Robert Laffont Paris 1967 ISBN 3 231 00327-6) a book that was never translated to English.

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The good old days, le bon vieux temps

For a spell there I wanted to leave the page blank…… my idea of the good old days but some people may not have understood the concept for the right or the wrong reason. I will explain at the end.

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Awakening, The morning of the magicians, Éveil Le matin des magiciens.

When I look at the vast majority of inhabitants of this planet today, I do not see people but ghosts. Those inhabitants look sick. It looks as if they have a virus of some sort. Since I live in France for the moment I call it the “H&M syndrome” or the “Ikea syndrome”. Of course … Continue reading »

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First the migrants then the guns D’abord les migrants ensuite les armes

  First the invad migrants then the guns D’abord les envahis migrants ensuite les armes. This is how the title should have been but my system doesn’t allow me to do it.  When I first read about about a attempt of smuggling guns into Greece I didn’t really want to write about it, I was … Continue reading »

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Islamists want to ban Oktoberfest in Munich… Islamistes veulent arreter Oktoberfest.

Dear City council of Munich, I am writing this letter to bring to your attention something that I and many Muslims believe is unfair and requires attention. I would like to inform you that the Oktoberfest is an Intolerant and Anti-Islamic event. We tried to ignore the event, but there too many Un-Islamic acts done … Continue reading »

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The Kalergi plan paradox le paradoxe du plan Kalergi

When I make references to the Kalergi plan, I am often being called racist bastard which is highly ironic since Kalergi is the  guy who wanted to create a lower race. In his book «Praktischer Idealismus», the Kalergi indicates that residents of the future ” United States of Europe” will not be the traditional peoples of … Continue reading »

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Did Hitler died in Berlin? Est-ce qu’Hitler est mort a Berlin?

What do most historians and conspiracy theorist alike have in common? They look at making a quick buck without to much work. We all know the traditional history. When the Russian army arrived in Berlin regardless of tanks and other artillery, combats were street by streets block by block house by house. All consideration taken … Continue reading »

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