Sylvester II a precursor Templar, Sylvestre II un Templier precurseur. 2

Many historians give Gerbert’s birth around 945 or 946. Legends which do not appear out of nowhere when it comes to men assert he entered the monastery when he was 12, in 963. But of course for historians checking legend would be like Greek scientist trying to learn how many teeth are in horse mouth without going out to find out.  So if he entered the monastery 963 at the age of 12 he would have been born in 951.  Some historians want him to be the son of Abbott of Aurillac (in those days celibacy wasn’t still required to be Abbott).  At the monastery’s school he studied the trivium, since in Western world had literally no books on quadrivium, which is I remind: Mathematics, geometry, music and astronomy.

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Growing up in Piennes Lorraine, the war years continued grandir a Piennes les annees de guerre 3

Had not been for French cops and all the food restrictions like in the rest of the country, life in Piennes was almost normal, lots of work, and in Grandpa’s case listening to de Gaulle speaking on the BBC at night, shades over the windows in room lit by a candle, one of the kids translating, mostly mom, her older sister and brother both working and therefore needing sleep.  Grandpa had faith in the government abroad.  He had a hidden French flag above the radio with a “croix de Lorraine” sewn into it hidden behind a tapestry.  I don’t know what happen to it, it vanish I guess.  Mom never kept those things as she saw them as unimportant.  How silly.

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Sylvester II a precursor Templar, Sylvestre II un Templier precurseur.

Vatican doesn’t make much fuss about Silvester II.  In fact he was burned in effigies two or three years after his death which may not have natural.  In days when poison and dagger where used routinely to remove someone from office when he wasn’t following the straight and narrow road of the politically correct.  And Vatican had a particular perception of the straight and narrow.

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Hayange France politically incorrect French flag Le drapeau tricolore politiquement incorrect.

You have to live in this country to actually believe it. And yet it is true, the French flag is becoming now politically incorrect for a marxist media such Liberation. The nearly bankrupt paper is trying to attract readership by printing nonsense. I couldn’t find the news in English so here I will do a quick translation of the article who’s not really worth reading entirely.

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Socialo-Marxism vs Darwin, le socialo-marxisme contre Darwin

Confucius, who never met neither Carl Marx nor Darwin once wrote (or said) (maybe):

“Give a man a fish he will eat one day, teach him how to fish he will eat his entire life.”

The quote is worth pondering .  If you think about it, Confucius was really ahead of his time and his quotes could have been used by Darwin to prove his theory, if Darwin could have read him that is.  I mean British in the XIX century thought of themselves as the pinnacle of the world and did not have much consideration for the Chinese whom they floated with drugs with the results historically known.


One may asks what does this have to do with socialo-marxism?  I will try to prove that this relatively new form of thinking is not only dangerous for the working class, it is also anti-Darwinian.

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Growing up in Piennes Lorraine, the war years continued grandir a Piennes les annees de guerre 2

In the last post I mentioned the Germans were older vets who had served during one war already and weren’t really into serving a second sentence. I know in movies we see those guys pushing French folks (and other nationalities also) with the butts of their riffles. But not in Piennes. Not in the area period.  I’m not saying it was clubmed but still, the situation was not as bad as elsewhere in France.

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Mindwalk a new category, voyage mental une nouvelle categorie

Mindwalk one of the most fascinating movies I ever watched. Liv Ullman is outsanding and for once Sam Waterston (Law and Order) isn’t self righteous. I didn’t know much about John Heard at the time. But here the actors aren’t the reasons for the post. In the movie the conversation goes from Quantum physics to political agendas all this while discovering the marvelous Mont Saint Michel abbey in France.

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Piennes Lorraine a short history, une petite histoire.

A relative send me this youtube video which shows some of Piennes history through old postcards and some personal photos. I thought I should share.

Un membre de la famille m’a envoye ce video youtube qui montre Piennes a travers de vielles cartes postales et des photos personnelles que je veux partager

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The black monks and Arsene Lupin, Les moines noirs et Arsene Lupin.

There wasn’t any formal Benedictine movement until the creation of the Abbey of Cluny in the Burgundian region of France (well know for their wine nowadays) circa 910.   History shows Rolf the Viking and his vassals rebuild many monasteries destroyed during the 100 years on Viking invasion, until Rolf received the land as duke of Normandy in 840.   An abbey such as Jumieges, which was built around 654, destroyed and rebuilt by Vikings in 841.  It’s just one of 100′s.   Charlemagne made the first attempt to impose Rule of Benedict in every monastery of his Empire.  Why?

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Growing in Piennes Lorraine the war years, grandir a Piennes pendant la guerre. 1

OK so I don’t think I was even a twinkle in my father’s eyes during that time, considering he was  in a forced labor scan0052camp somewhere in Germany and only the twinkle he could have would have been for his next meal and where he would be coming from.  Somehow though I’m convince that those particular events did influence my youth greatly.

Immigrant workers had absolutely no rights in those days.  If anyone would dare to politicize his work place would be return to his country of origin many military.  Or at least that was the case of Polish worker.  I still have a book about the legal rights of Polish immigrant workers in France.  It is a legal treatise writen by a Jurist Doctor,  Stefan Niklewski for its doctorate theses in 1930 and published in Nancy by Impremerie Grandville, closed today.

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