Panga filet “au Boursin”, Filet de Panga au Boursin.

The thing about living alone is that cooking becomes quickly a chore.  When you cook for others, chance are you will tempted to prepare something that will be either nasty so they will not come back or something scrumptious if you do.  However when you’re alone you actually don’t care about what your next meal will be.  Not entirely true but almost.  Personally when I make a Bolognaise sauce, I will make half gallon of it and freeze it in small containers, so I don’t have to fuss when I’m busy or feeling lazy.  Same goes with chili, soups and all sorts of things.  When I make meatballs I make them generic, no particular spices except of onions and garlic salt and pepper so I can serve them according to my wish of the day: with spaghetti in marinara sauce the Italian way, or in brown sauce with mash potatoes the Swedish way.


But every one in a while, I want something different.  Not being a great beef eater (not the Gin), I enjoy poultry eggs rabbit and of course fish.  In Piennes it’s difficult to find fresh fish except on Thursdays and Fridays, Friday being a fish day in Catholic country (Catholic but I don’t know for a long, since the trend is switching to an other religion of piece … yes I wrote piece three dots  not peace).  Anyhow, fish here not being always very fresh, I often buy it frozen.  So Friday I looked in the freezer and I found a bag of Panga filet.  Don’t ask what is Panga, google can help you.panga au boursin raw


I was kind of tired of making it meuniere or piccata or even like snietzel (breaded and pan fried) with light lemon sauce.  I didn’t know what I really wanted until looking in the fridge I found I half full (I’m an optimist hiding his pessimism) of Boursin cheese.  Well it wasn’t really Boursin, just the generic kind which is half price of a brand name and just as good.  I had an idea, why not try to bake it with boursin which I did.  I took a pie pan lightly oiled the bottom, place my fish, salt and pepper it, then spread a healthy amount of cheese on top of it just like you would do it on a slice of bread.  But somehow it just didn’t look right to me.


Bread is not something that appears regularly on my diet.  So I often have a piece that is so dried up I can’t use it for anything but breadcrumbs, so I always have some breadcrumbs in an old tupperware, souvenir of mother folly.  I sprinkled a line of breadcrumbs on my cheese then added a sprinkle of lemon juice.  I bake it for 8 minutes in preheated oven a 425 degrees.  I made some rizotto a while before, this with a side of salad.  Nummnumm.  Trust me, it was a success and I patted myself on the back.panga au boursin 010

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The Black Madonna of Liesse, la Vierge Noire de Liesse

The making of a legend.





Liesse Notre Dame is a small town in the North Eastern part of France, about 150 miles of Paris and the town was built around the cathedral,  The construction started in the XII century par order of Bartholome de Vir, Bishop of Laon the nearest great town.
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Recycling in France worldwide lesson giver, recycler en France donneuse de lecons mondiale.

For as far I can remember, French government and French people enjoyed placing themselves above the rest of the world as lesson givers.  How do I know?  Heck I was one of them.  When  I arrive in the States I found myself being one the lesson giver.  OK I do have an excuse:  after nearly a quarter of century living here I was brainwashed like the rest of the local population.  Thank goodness I’ve changed for the better I hope.

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Growing up in Piennes Lorraine, Radio Caroline the making of a rebel, Grandir a Piennes la creation d’un rebelle

Recently I decided to sell stuff  on rather than use the French counterpart.  At the end of every description I wrote about “Growing up in Piennes Lorraine” which is a way of explaining  buyers who I was.  One day I received a question to buyer and to my surprise it was from a gentleman living near Piennes who had a youth very similar to mine.  His neighbor was an American from the 49th Fighter Bomber Wing based in Etain but living in Landres.  I slipped him my local number.  He called.  I will of course not make any references to his name.  He did stop by the following week and we talked for nearly two hours.


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Growing up in Piennes Lorraine, the war years continued grandir a Piennes les annees de guerre 3

What make people changes, make him communist one day fascist the next. If the majority of Italians who moved to the States were ordinary folks looking for work and freedom to do so, if some made it to the Front page of national media for unfortunate reasons, the majority just wanted to make it by working.  Those who came to France on the other side came as known communists. France after WW 1 had returned the its tradition of socialist government, which failed miserably one after the other until 1940 but this post is not about socialist program failure.

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Fear Darwin and Socialism, Peur, Darwin et le socialisme

Fear!  There are no images to represent fear, there are only feelings: tightening of stomach shaking of the entire body, irrepressible urge of running away, uncontrolable sweating.  Fear is not the appanage of humans only.  Animals do feel fear also.  It is most likely the oldest feeling in the world. . . and beyond, the second oldest feeling being love.


The description of fear on the above paragraph is that of humans and I will not pretend to be able to describe animal fears also some elected officials show signs of animal fear like hiding in shell, something done by snails  or in stuffing the head in the sand as an ostrich would, the easy way out of facing reality.   Sometimes fear can be very healthy, it makes us avoid some dangers and sometimes it makes us behave like asses.  No one cant tell what one’s reaction will be when faced by mortal danger.  The new trend  “to push the envelope” would not be what I call a healthy reaction.  It provokes a rush of adrenaline but that is just for the benefit of one, not the many.


Anyone who have studied Darwin, and his forerunners  Erasmus Darwin and Jean Baptiste Lamarck knows in order to evolve requires natural selection and it is fairly slow (unless you’re a mutant in a Marvel Comics book or movie).  The case of a minority of people doing bungee jumping, racing on a motorbike or a race car will not change much the characteristics of the human race.  What creates the changes?  I suggests you to read the myriads of books on the subject.


What does it has to do with socialism or communism for that matter?  The genetic rewriting of the population through lies and fallacies:  Today liberals tend to create a new cast where very few men a deciding what is better for entire nations.  Now if this is accepted (albeit not acceptable) from a North Korean leader, it should not be from leaders of Western world countries.  In schools it becomes illegal to mention some words, elements of history is being obliterated and talking about it is hate crime.  I call it the “One way thought”, where anyone and everyone is suppose to think the same way and if you decide to think for yourself you are being branded as a psycho or a maniac of some sort.    Another name would be “conspiracy theorist”.


Last time I checked thinking for yourself has always been good.  Never take someone’s word at face value is healthy.  But in this “Brave New World” it seems unhealthy to think that vaccination is bad for you, drinking whole mild unpasteurized is criminal, owning a gun makes you a sociopath.  I don’t know if vaccination is  bad, I had some shots and I think of being OK.  I had whole unpasteurized milk all my life and I lived to talk about it, I owned guns and if I do have at least one phobia (I’m socialophobic)(OK another me-made word) I never went out on a shooting spree during a socialist (read democrats) meeting.

And liberal medias a attempting to create the fear of all those who do not think like them.  They are in process of creating a new breed of (I ‘m not sure we could actually call them human).  It reminds me of a story about KFC when the Colonel’s outfit was supposed to have used cloned chicken without heads fed intravenously.   Well I fear the new breed.

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Sylvester II a precursor Templar, Sylvestre II un Templier precurseur. 2

Many historians give Gerbert’s birth around 945 or 946. Legends which do not appear out of nowhere when it comes to men assert he entered the monastery when he was 12, in 963. But of course for historians checking legend would be like Greek scientist trying to learn how many teeth are in horse mouth without going out to find out.  So if he entered the monastery 963 at the age of 12 he would have been born in 951.  Some historians want him to be the son of Abbott of Aurillac (in those days celibacy wasn’t still required to be Abbott).  At the monastery’s school he studied the trivium, since in Western world had literally no books on quadrivium, which is I remind: Mathematics, geometry, music and astronomy.

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Growing up in Piennes Lorraine, the war years continued grandir a Piennes les annees de guerre 3

Had not been for French cops and all the food restrictions like in the rest of the country, life in Piennes was almost normal, lots of work, and in Grandpa’s case listening to de Gaulle speaking on the BBC at night, shades over the windows in room lit by a candle, one of the kids translating, mostly mom, her older sister and brother both working and therefore needing sleep.  Grandpa had faith in the government abroad.  He had a hidden French flag above the radio with a “croix de Lorraine” sewn into it hidden behind a tapestry.  I don’t know what happen to it, it vanish I guess.  Mom never kept those things as she saw them as unimportant.  How silly.

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Sylvester II a precursor Templar, Sylvestre II un Templier precurseur.

Vatican doesn’t make much fuss about Silvester II.  In fact he was burned in effigies two or three years after his death which may not have natural.  In days when poison and dagger where used routinely to remove someone from office when he wasn’t following the straight and narrow road of the politically correct.  And Vatican had a particular perception of the straight and narrow.

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Hayange France politically incorrect French flag Le drapeau tricolore politiquement incorrect.

You have to live in this country to actually believe it. And yet it is true, the French flag is becoming now politically incorrect for a marxist media such Liberation. The nearly bankrupt paper is trying to attract readership by printing nonsense. I couldn’t find the news in English so here I will do a quick translation of the article who’s not really worth reading entirely.

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